Construction Industry a Home for Variety of Small Cap Stocks

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Much was made in the media recently of the  construction of the exoskeleton of 1 World Trade Center, which, topping out at 1,271 feet, makes it 21 feet higher than the Empire State Building, according to the New York Times ( For many months the building, also called Freedom Tower, has been and will continue to be the workplace of a variety of construction teams and workers which, at Smallcapworld, serves as a reminder that construction-related activities are the focus of many diverse small cap companies specializing in a variety of trades.

Here are four companies heavily involved in construction, in one form or another. They were selected randomly and we have no connection to any of the companies included in this blog post.

Minneapolis-based Apogee Enterprises (Nasdaq: APOG, designs and develops glass products and services in North America and Europe in two segments: Architectural Products and Services, and Large-Scale Optical Technologies. The architectural segment installs and maintains the outside skins of commercial and institutional buildings. APOG was recently featured in as one of “5 stocks insiders love right now ( Average volume is 117,000 shares a day but it has recently been higher. 52-week range is $7.79-$16.44 and market cap on May 8 was $455 million. It closed May 8 at $16.17, up 1 cent on the day.

Houston-based Comfort Systems USA (NYSE: FIX, is in the commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) business. It specializes in large scale office buildings, retail centers, apartment complexes and manufacturing centers. The company was founded in 1917.  On May 2, FIX announced a $0.05 a share dividend for shareholders of record at the close of business May 14. Average daily volume is about 111,000 shares a day and market cap is $364 million. It’s 52-week range is $7.81-$13.05. FIX closed May 8 at $9.95, up 13 cents on the day.

Humboldt, KS-based Monarch Cement Co. (OTCBB: MCEM.OB, manufactures and sells portland cement under the MONARCH brand name to residential, commercial and governmental customers. Founded in 1908, its chief customers are based in the Midwest. The stock is very thinly traded–only about 2,250 shares a day. Its 52-week range is $20.51-$28.50 and market cap is about $99 million. MCEM closed May 8 at $24.69, down 31 cents for the day.

Melbourne, FL-based Goldfield Corp. (Nasdaq: GV, engages in the electrical construction and real estate development business throughout the U.S. Its electric business includes building transmission lines, concrete foundations, distribution systems and substations and other electrical installation systems for utility systems. Goldfield also installs fiber optic cable. Its real estate business includes the development of residential condominium projects, mainly in Florida. Goldfield Corp. was founded in 1906.  GV trades about 227,000 shares a day and has a market cap of about $32 million. GV stock was upgraded from hold to buy by TheStreet Ratings in April. Its 52-week range is $0.24-$1.29. GV closed May 8 at $1.31, up 11 cents on the day.


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