More on Merriman; Quick Look at Rodman & Renshaw

Just after we published our brief survey of small investment bank stocks last week, the first-mentioned bank in the article, Merriman Curhan Ford (Nasdaq: MERR; wriggled free of some problems in its past via a financing that included veteran Tommy Unterberg and a new Director for Merriman Curhan Ford, Andrew Arno.  The effects were covered in The Wall Street Journal: (sorry, you have to pay to read it).  But apparently as a result of the deal, MERR shares added some value, and were trading at $1.10 this morning, off a touch from Friday, but the whole market is off a touch this morning.

While we are having a second look at MERR, we ought also to take a gander at New York-based Rodman & Renshaw (Nasdaq: RODM,, which has hit the ball out of the park since March, when it traded near $0.20, vs this morning’s $3.80 (up $0.27 in a down market), nearly touching recent highs achieved last week.  Rodman has consistently ranked among the Valhalla gods of PIPE placements, and its annual conclave is due in New York next week with all the glamor and glitter that a Wall Street firm can muster: the opening night party, which takes over Ellis Island on Wednesday night, will kick back to a live concert by Diana Ross — sounds like the good ol’ days, doesn’t it?  Certainly an energetic kick0ff for the fall season, and a sign that RODM is leading the conga line of PIPErs once again.   RODM is adding new tracks on marine transport, cleantech/greentech this year.  For information on attendance, go to and pick your track. Should be quite a show. 

We don’t recommend stocks; we just write about smallcap companies we find interesting.  Do your own diligence please.


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