Wall St GREEN Trading Summit April 1-2

courtesy Wall St GREEN Trading Summit

courtesy Wall St GREEN Trading Summit

The Wall Street GREEN Trading Summit, set for April 1-2 this year has assembled a “who’s who” of speakers, panelists and sponsors, as you might expect, since GREEN is finally squarely in the smack-dab middle of the spotlight.  But we hasten to add that WSGTS is not a johnny-come-lately, having been putting together green stars since they launched in 2002 (http://www.wsgts.com) . 

Sponsors include the usual suspects (Nasdaq OMX, CME Group, Acorn Energy), but this year also includes Gazprom, at one point the largest market-cap in the world, and still a biggie by anyone’s measure.

The general convocations will be held in new Renzo Piano-designed The Times Center at 242 West 41st Street at the corner of 8th Avenue (the one that two show-offs climbed the same week over the summer).  The individual seminars, of which there are many, will be held at the PricewaterhouseCoopers Center at 300 Madison Avenue at the corner of 42nd Street.  If the weather is reasonable the two venues should be a relatively easy walk apart. 

Virtually every bigtime green publication or green department of a publication will be there, with the media list as high as an elephant’s eye. 

Topics to be treated include Carbon trading (cap-and-trade — see our article from February 23 on Climate Exchange plc), and the ins and outs of smart grids, among many other topics.

The entrance ticket is not cheap.  A 2-day pass to all the information you can eat is $1,495.  There are also pre-conference and post-conference conflabs on, respectively, Carbon Markets and Carbon Finance.  To get further information, call 1-888-435-2632 or go to http://www.wsgts.com.  If you’re interested in the proceedings but cannot make it to the meetings, there will be a DVD available at the end for $695, and you can get copies of all the presentation materials for $395.


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