Renewable Energy Conference in Vegas March 10

Although it may seem almost oxymoronic for a renewable energy conference to take place in Las Vegas — in fact the “Renewable Energy World North America” conference begins on March 10 at the Rio Hotel.  Fewer subjects are more germane to the state of the economy and the use of economic stimulus than the subjects that will be on the agenda here.

Sponsored by Renewable Energy World (, an important and regular news source and commentator on these critical subjects, the conference will feature a Keynote Session with speakers from a variety of renewable energy sectors: wind, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and others. 

The conference organizers particularly encourage companies that generate electricity to attend, and have set up a $500 registration fee for such companies; the fee allows an unlimited number of delegates to attend. Details at

The conference has not only notable speakers, but notable sponsors, many of whom are listed in the news release.  If you want more information, email David Wagman at or call him at 918-831-9866.


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