The ‘Car of the Future’ Could Be a Three-Wheeler

It may officially be classified as a motorcyle, but some are already dubbing it “the car of the future.” That’s the exotic Aptera 2e (, an all-electric vehicle now in pre-production in Southern California. It has three wheels, two seats, a lithium-ion battery, gull-wing doors and financial backing from Google and Idealab’s Bill Gross.

Aptera is planning to put the 2e on the road by October, which could make it a contender for the $10 million X prize offered by Progressive Insurance ( for the world’s first  mass-produced vehicle to exceed 100 mpg. Company officials say they have already taken 4,000 deposits from would-be owners. Some other key statistics:

  • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds
  • Top speed: 90 mph
  • Weight: 1,700 pounds
  • Coefficient drag: 0.15
  • Cost: Between $25,000-$45,000

Aptera describes the 2e’s extraordinary three-wheel design as looking “like a linebackerpoised for the blitz.” The latest prototype includes front-wheel drive and solar-assisted climate control for the passengers.

Of course, the 2e will have to break away from a huge pack of nifty, intriguing new electric car contenders, including the eight-wheeled Japanese Eliica (, the British four-seat G-Wiz (, the Kurrent (, the Milner Motors Electric Car ( and the Zx40 from Miles Automotive ( just to name only a few.


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