Check Out Globe Forum 2009, a Conference with Grand Ambitions

Early June is typically a wonderful time to visit Stockholm, but that only adds to the draw for Globe Forum 2009, an ambitious, high-profile annual business conference and networking event ( that this year will take place June 4-5. The forum bills itself as “the marketplace for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors” and partners include some huge names such as Hewlett-Packard, SAS, Volvo, International Herald Tribune, Gdansk and CCTV, to name only a few. This year’s theme–Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth–is also expected to generate interest from global corporate and government leaders. The conference speakers will “highlight innovations that contribute to sustainability and entrepreneurial examples from various growth markets.”

Globe Forum, along with its partners, considers itself a “matchmaker” between entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and the public and private sectors. Globe Forum has launched an initiative, called Plan 2020, dedicated to helping companies, organizations and cities develop goals, strategies and benchmarketing tools that will allow them to create a “roadmap” to sustainability through 2020. Plan 2020 will be available in the second quarter of 2009. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about the lineup of this year’s speakers.


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