Movie Studio Goes Green? Green Monsters, Sure — But Green Cars? U Betcha!

Well, they say that as California goes, so goes the nation, at least when it comes to hula hoops, music & hair styles, food fads — and m-o-v-i-e-s.   Foreign films are great, but Hollywood films own kids all over the world.  And surprise, kids grow up to be adults.

Now Universal Studios has announced that its fleet of 300 trams will go entirely green (for green, read “electric”).  Of course, that meant an announcement made by Universal’s greenie meanie, Shrek.  For a full story on Universal’s conversion, see Wired (   Universal’s own website is

Universal Studios EV (and friends)

Universal Studios EV (and friends)

But seriously folks . . . . Sarasota, FL-based Cruise Car Inc( has a fairly full line of breezy EVs for you to choose from to take the kids to ballet class — and a line of silent, non-gas-guzzling, zero-emission trams that will soon be people-moving at the largest amusement park in Los Angeles (Disneyland is in Anaheim).  We say KUDOS to Universal Studios.  If that sounds like a segue, that’s because the vehicles themselves are called Kudos. 

The Cruise Car Kudo ( comes in a variety of configurations that would satisfy any sunbelt neighborhood need.  There is even a solar option, with solar cells all over the parabolic curve of the roofline.   And the piece de resistence is that the admittedly golf-cart-like vehicles are perfect for your recessionary dollars.  From under $4,000 for a standard battery-powered golf-cart-type car, you can upgrade to an 11-passenger people mover for under $15,000.  Cruise Car is not publicly traded, but it is creating a track that better-known vehicle manufacturers may well want to motor along soon.

Solar Kudo from CruiseCar
Solar Kudo from CruiseCar

They may not be for everyone, but there is no reason that moms in exurbia can’t ferry their offspring to lessons and schools in these totally carbon-free jitneys.  And kids will think they are way cool, anyway. 

In case you are interested, you can find a dealer near you by calling Cruise Car Inc at (941) 929-1630.  Take a driver with you, and if you can’t find a driver, take a putter.  Yuck, yuck. 

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