YouTube, then the Olympics, now the Panama Canal

No doubt the colossal success of YouTube was on the minds of the world’s leading broadcasters including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) when they made the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the first ever Olympics to be streamed live over the Internet. An estimated 100 million viewers watched live streaming video of the various sporting events during the first 10 days of the games, pushing BBC Sports online coverage into the top most-visited sites in the U.K., according to ( Sports broadcasters in particular have stepped up their usage of streaming live coverage, thanks in large part to new technologies developed by companies such as publicly-owned ViewCast (, which develops encoders and video capture cards that enable video to be screened on personal computers and hand-held devices. These technologies now make the streaming experience rival those on high definition TV. But by no means is streaming limited to just sports. Church services, school events and even the documentation of the ongoing seven-year, $5.25 billion expansion of the historic Panama Canal is available via streaming video to anyone interested in the progress on that monumental project. Take a look at


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