Monster Jellyfish Latest Evidence of Climate Change

Various reports of huge swarms of very large jellyfish (one British report calls them “fridge-sized” and says they may weigh 450 pounds) have been cited over the last several months as evidence of climate change.   Lewis Page, writing in The Register,  says that “Particularly aggressive specimens are said to be capable of causing serious damage to ships, and have even managed to knacker nuclear power plants.”

Jellyfish (actually Pacific sea nettle) from Wikimedia Commons site at

Most frightening for swimmers, these slimy monsters can inflict deadly stings with their enormously long tentacles.  I was hit by one in the Gulf of Mexico years back and hospitalized in Galveston.  But perhaps equally problematic, they can depopulate regions of fish, interfere with shipping, clog harbors and even small seas,  foul engines and have even attacked the intake valves at nuclear power plants.

io9 ( calls them “giant jelly armies,” but however you see them, they are creating Dead Zones in the world’s seas, and using those as spawning areas.  They are apparently most serious in the Sea of Japan, the Black Sea, and the waters around Australia. 
The National Science Foundation’s take on this is itself called “Jellyfish Gone Wild,”, and includes the metaphysical poet’s view: “Ask not for whom the jellyfish’s bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” 

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