DNSChanger Pandemic Potential for PCs & Macs Both

A new trojan is afoot, one that can infect computers of any type — Windows or non-Windows, Linux, Macs — and can dragoon them into legions of zombies pointing toward imposter websites, spreading their viral defects like the 1919 Influenza.   The new “malware” is a variant of a demon known as DNSChanger, and it allows an infected machine to infect potentially hundreds of other machines on a LAN by attacking the address protocol or DHCP.

Infected machines can no longer be trusted to display the correct names of websites.  So, for instance, the machine may SAY that it is visiting Chase Manhattan, but could in fact be visiting a con-artist who is simply collecting account information in order to defraud the computer user and the bank. 

The potential pandemic is detailed in The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/05/new_dnschanger_hijacks/).

Secure Domain Names could be relevant.  For a discussion, see  http://www.virnetx.com/technology.php.


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