Getting Started

Our goal with this blog is to shed light on a market that has been twisted and shadowed over the last few months:  the US market for small cap stocks.  We believe that historically small caps have performed at least as well as large caps, and in many periods BETTER than large caps.  But there are so many small cap stocks, and so many industry segments, that it is difficult to handicap the winners.


WE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY BUY/SELL RECOMMENDATIONS.  We are going to present what we find interesting.  How you use it is up to you, but we sure hope you find it interesting (and helpful).


We’re not going to try to be all things to all people, and we are biting off only two segments to start: Medical Devices and Greentech.  These are areas that the editorial staff of Smallcap-World knows well.  We intend to broaden our coverage as we are able, to include the Internet and Media segments, a broader cut of Healthcare, and some Security and Technology companies.  We may well branch out beyond those areas, but we will have to eat our Wheaties and grow big and strong before we do. 


We are not investors in the companies we write about, and we are not investment advisors – just trying to provide some light on a vast and confusing marketplace.  To the extent that any of us has any financial interest in any company that is mentioned, we will try to remember to disclose it.  And we will mark with an asterisk (*) any company that is a client of ours in our “day job.”


To be clear, the editorial staff of Smallcap-World work for an Investor Relations firm, Allen & Caron Inc (  This blog is NOT designed as a promotional medium for anyone, not our clients any more than anyone else.  But you will see a dominant strain of optimism in what we write and what we link to.  That is because we are focused on what will make money, what will grow, what has important differentiations from the rest of the pack. 


We are not interested in finding stocks to sell short.  We are not interested in synthetics or derivatives.  We are not interested in private companies except as they impinge on the marketplace for smallcap stocks.  Twitter, for instance, is private, but it has a profound influence on lots of smallcap (and madcap and largecap) stocks.


WE WOULD LOVE TO HOST NEW WRITERS AND PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE SMALLCAP MARKET.  In order to post, we will want you to tell us who you are, allow us to verify who you are, and agree to abide by some simple and logical rules – no obscenity (though ripe language is tolerated), no stock recommendations unless you make it clear that they are yours (not ours).  No anonymous postings; every post will have a link to your blog or email. 


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